Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Created custom 2-into-2 exhaust

I built gaskets out of muffler repair tape and used clamps from JC Whitney, but I really must come up with a better hanger bracket. The pipes vibrate and bounce all over the place when the bike is running and riding down the road. Plus the cheap baffles I got from JC Whitney are completely worthless. They do nothing at all to reduce the sound. Also need to get some heat shields to cover the welded areas. (No way I'm getting the pipes re-chromed)

After building the exhaust I welded together a seat pan out of sheetmetal. This took a while, because my welder was way too powerful and kept burning through. So I had to make a bunch of small tack welds. Eventually it went all together. Then I took an old CX500 seat that was falling apart, and an electric carving knife, and carved myself a seat out of the foam. I bought some leather on eBay a long time back for another project, and I had enough left to make a cover, which I riveted and glued on. The seat is extremely uncomfortable... but it works for now.

Parts Breakdown
•  Triumph Pipes: $40 (approx, it's been a long time)
•  EMGO fishtails: $70
•  Muffler repair tape: $15
•  Baffles: $15
•  Reducers: $18
•  Steel for seat pan: $10
•  Leather for seat cover:   $Free (leftover from a previous project)
•  Rivets: $5
Total: $173

Running total for Chopper: $1858

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