Friday, August 15, 2003

Built a Fatbob tank!

Finally I got the funds, the time, and the motivation to mount the fatbob tank! It's truly a thing of beauty sitting there on the CX500 frame, and it really wasn't that difficult. Building the mounts was quick and easy. A vice and a big hammer to bend the THICK steel stock, and a drill to make the holes. The bottom front tank mounts were sawed off, and the top mounts were bent down so they were horizontal.

The covering for the center part, on the other hand, was very time consuming, and quite painful. I cut the flashing with a pair of metal shears, but the flashing was very thick, and the shears left sharp edges. So my hands are all cut up. Once that was done, I cut two holes for gauges with my dremel. Then I used contact cement to attach leather to the panel. Finally, I measured and drilled holes for the studs, and then screwed them in place. Since the flashing isn't all that thick, it was easy to bend and form to fit the contours of the gas tank. The bottom part of the tank panel attaches with the stock tank mounting bolt, and it covers that ugly area of the frame. The top mounts haven't been installed yet in these pictures. There's a cross member that goes across the top of the two front brackets, and the panel bolts to that.

Next up were the headlights. I've been sitting on a dual headlight mount for almost a year now, and just recently I purchased the headlights to go with it. The whole thing mounted up in 5 minutes... but wiring was another matter entirely. Since the stock headlight was gone, all the wiring was sitting exposed behind the new dual lights. It looked like hell. So I unwrapped the wiring harness and started cutting and splicing longer wires in. I was able to move the bulk of the wiring harness to the area between the new Fatbob gas tanks. I need to re-wrap the harness with electrical tape, as it looks like a rat's nest at the moment. But everything works!

Check below for a parts/cost list!

Part or modification: Price: Got From:
•  Dual headlight mount $25 eBay
•  Two 5 1/4" dual-filament headlights $50/pr eBay
•  Fatbob gas tank $100 eBay
•  Steel flat stock to make brackets $5 Home Despot
•  Steel flashing $8 True Value (hardware store)
•  Leather $25 eBay
•  Spike studs $15 eBay
•  Voltmeter gauge $10 Advance Auto
Cost of August modifications: $238

Parts Removed from bike to accomodate new changes:
•  Stock headlight $25
•  Aftermarket headlight ears $8
•  Stock gas tank $0
Cost of parts removed: $33

Total cost of modifications: $828

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